The Venetian, Las Vegas: more than a hotel.

More than a hotel, the Las Vegas InterContinental Alliance Resorts, The Venetian and The Palazzo, are for those looking for a once in a lifetime experience. Opened in 1999, the former is a must-see resort destination which is a full-blown recreation of Venice on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. It’s the world’s largest five-diamond, four-star resort, offering huge all-suite accommodation around twice the size of an average Las Vegas hotel room.

This Las Vegas icon comes with an on-site casino, 19 top-notch restaurants with award-winning chefs, 80 international boutiques from Burberry to Lladro and the obligatory Canyon Ranch SpaClub. Not only is it a fitness centre, but it has a rock-climbing wall too.

When you do your shopping in this massive resort, you’ll be wandering along the Grand Canal before stopping for a snack in St Mark’s Square. And of course, to relax you can take a gondola ride (pictured).

This may be the antithesis of a boutique hotel, teetering on the kitsch, but it has a high level of client satisfaction and suits Las Vegas down to the ground. If you’re the Las Vegas type, this is the hotel for you!

Visit www.intercontinental.com/alliancersorts for more information and booking. Rooms start from $179 (£110) per night, hardly a lot for an unforgettable experience!

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