The UK’s top five city ‘daycation’ destinations.

With the Royal Wedding just around the corner and Olympic fever already in full swing, there’s a lot of ‘happy to be British’ feeling about, with local tourism becoming increasingly popular. What’s more, a ‘daycation’ craze seems to be taking hold, with people booking a number of separate days’ holiday rather than a fortnight all together. But where are they heading? We’ve searched the web and come up with the following most popular cities to visit, as recommended by the Daily Mail.


Easily manageable in a day, this small historic town is a great place to visit at any time of year. Enjoy a visit to the impressive Minster and wander the medieval cobbled streets of the Shambles. There are plenty of quaint tearooms where you can refuel.


This genteel town, founded by the Romans is a wow. The famous complex of Roman public baths must be amongst the best preserved in the world. The town’s historic centre also has some great bistro restaurants that foodies will love.


One of the world’s greatest cities, London is difficult to fully appreciate in a day but you can probably fit in a whirl on the London Eye and visits to Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, the Globe and the Tate Modern, and eat in one of the atmospheric restaurants of Soho.


The 800 year old university is simply stunning and undoubtedly dominates the town, but this university city is full of charm in itself, with plenty of galleries, great bookshops, craft stores and cafés to keep you entertained.


Visit the town’s iconic 19th century Royal Pavillion, its grade 1 listed Pier and take a stroll on its pebbly beach. This South Coast ‘arty’ town was the setting of Graham Greene’s novel Brighton Rock and the film was re-made last year.

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