The Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea

A group of small coral islands to the north of Papua New Guinea is what everyone imagines Pacific Islands to be: sandy beaches, blue lagoons, coconuts carpeting the entire island, friendly and fun-loving locals, and magnificent undersea life. Visit the Trobriand Islands and experience an unforgettable Papua New Guinea island adventure holiday.

This is a land where a man attracts a woman through magic, where beautification is accompanied by chants and charms, and where ancestral spirits enter the woman for her to get pregnant. A strong sense of mythology and taboo remains here, a world-view entirely their own.

Experience the Trobrianders’ enthusiastic welcome to dim dims (foreigners) in Kaisaiga, the favourite village of renowned travel writer Paul Theroux. Nearby are caves where the adventurous can go cave-swimming in one of the pristine natural pools nestled within the caverns. Or head out to the any of the surrounding beaches for a swim or some snorkelling.

The Trobriands are home to the curious yam cults, and one of the legendary ocean-going canoe cultures of the Pacific. Feel the exhilaration of traversing the seas on a kayaking tour near the shoreline. Then head back to shore for a picnic on the beach.

Experience the sensuality of Trobriand dance, and see why these islands are also called “Islands of Love.” Watch the locals gyrate seductively in their floral finery in elaborate dances meant to welcome visitors. Even more interesting are the rituals a man undertakes to attract a woman, which involves cleansing the body thoroughly with leaves, and making the woman dream of him. If that doesn’t work, he has to feed her charmed food, along with the kasina spell, which goes: “My flashing decoration, my white skin! I shall take the faces of my companions and rivals. I shall make them be cast off…”

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