The Strictly Come Dancing weekender?

If you want to dance the weekend away to a live band, this does make for a brilliantly fun, glitzy – if kind of tacky – weekend. And of course, the Strictly Come Dancing weekend attracts an average age of ninety-four.

There are several Strictly Come Dancing weekends being held around the country over the next few months, with a couple of the professional dancers from the BBC programme attending each one including the fleet-footed James and Ola – with whom you can have your photo taken to prove that you actually did this and so win the bet!

You can try on costumes from the show including the red dress that pop star Rachel Stevens wore for her tango in the quarter-final.

However, you only get two classes, which are taught by tutors, not by the Strictly stars, and each lasts just 45 minutes, which, if you are a complete beginner isn't nearly enough to learn much.

Warner Hotels runs Strictly Come Dancing weekends at various hotels round the country until 30 July, from £359-500pp for three nights (or four nights midweek), including meals, dance classes and leisure activities, WarnerHotels.

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