The southernmost point in continental USA.

Visitors travelling to Florida’s Disneyland and then on to Miami, may want to keep going further south down to continental America’s southernmost point. But where is it exactly? There is some dispute over the fine details, but it’s generally claimed to be at the tip of Key West, the furthest south of Florida’s Keys and the end of US Highway One, which starts way up in Maine.

A marker, built to resemble a buoy (pictured), marks the spot, and notes the much quipped fact that Cuba is only 90 miles away. A nearby plaque commemorates the Cubans who drowned trying to get to ‘free’ America.

It’s not compulsory to stay in the southernmost hotel, or eat at the southernmost restaurant. Key West has much to offer, its turquoise waters attracting Nobel prize-winner Ernest Hemingway to live and work there for more than ten years. Visit his home and museum, located at 907 Whitehead Street, Old Town Key West (www.hemingwayhome.com). The Casa Marina Resort, at 1500 Reynolds Street (www.casamarinaresort.com) tells you all you need to know about the area, and the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum (www.melfisher.org) displays treasures salvaged from the sea.

Like the rest of the Keys, Key West is also a famous diving centre, known for its relatively easy dives. There are several interesting wrecks for experienced divers to explore and plentiful coral and fish to keep snorkellers happy. Reward yourself after sightseeing and/or maritime activities with a fresh fish supper. Try the Caribbean-themed Bagatelle (www.bagatellekeywest.com), or Mangoes (700 Duval Street) for an alfresco meal.

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