The Shetland Islands: amongst the Lonely Planet Travel Guide’s top ten regions in the world for tourism.

If you were a well-travelled, 'been there, done that', travel savvy sort of person, where would you send the rookies? Polynesia, the Caribbean, New Zealand? Well don’t forget to include cold climate resorts. The Shetland Islands have been voted one of the top ten regions in the world for tourism by the Lonely Planet travel guide, reports the Mail.

The islands are praised for their wildlife and remoteness and for offering the attraction of easily spotting whales, otters, seals and puffins. The locals also appear to be of interest, its residents being classed as 'a fiercely independent and self-reliant bunch' and the islands are described as possibly 'the last untamed corner of the UK'.

So if you’re looking for something a little wild and remote, make Shetland capital Lerwick, where a new film and music centre opens next year, your base, before heading off into the Islands' untamed corners. The guide describes Lerwick as a 'must-include port of call for cruise ships' and encourages visitors to try local delicacies such as seawater oatcakes, Shetland black potatoes and rhubarb with mackerel or herring.

Another British set of islands, the Orkneys, features in the publication's ‘Best In Travel 2011’. In the '10 best things to climb' section, the Old Man of Hoy's iconic 450ft-high sea stack is described as an invitation to 'gather your grappling hooks'. So off you go!

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