The plane to Spain is totally sane (honest)

Barcelona is the party capital of Europe and a trip there is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Beautiful beaches, budget hotels and the best seafood restaurants ever are just a few of the treats in store for you in Spain.

If you like organised fun why not check out the Sonar festival, a week long cultural event with some kick-ass parties and great art, music and nonsense to check out. Sonar is one of Spain’s best known and most desirable festivals and it spreads itself throughout Barcelona providing every kind of entertainment your party heart could desire.

Described as a "3 day festival of ‘advanced music and multimedia art’ which "has developed into one of the very best meeting places for lovers of avant-garde, electro, hip hop and dance music", the festival has played host in recent years to artists such as Kraftwerk, the Pet Shop Boys, Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers, Björk" and many more. (Spanish-Fiestas.com)

If that all sounds a bit raucous for you then never fear, Spain’s holiday potential includes fishing, camping, opera, bull fights and much much more. We love The Telegraph's excellent blog on all things Spain. Check it out for some extra ideas....

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