The Pedal-powered Hotel!

Forget solar panels and wind turbines, a hotel that bills itself as one of the ‘greenest’ in the world has found a new source of renewable energy – its guests!

Those staying at the 366-room Crown Plaza Copenhagen Towers will be encouraged to head down to the gym to spend time on its new fleet of electricity-generating exercise bikes. The bikes have iPhones mounted on the handlebars which monitor how much power is being produced and fed into the mains supply of the hotel.

Any guest producing 10 watt hours or more will be rewarded with a free meal! that means cycling for about six minutes to reach the threshold.


The hotel, which opened in November last year, is attempting to become carbon neutral. It has EU Green Building and Green Key certification and uses a groundwater-based cooling and heating system, low energy lighting and hand dryers, and is covered in solar panels on its south-facing aspects. So will its latest scheme catch on at other hotels around the world?

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