The Peabody Hotel, Memphis Tennessee

When you think of Memphis, you probably imagine a blue-suede shoe'd singer strumming his guitar as you sip on a JD and coke, and you probably wouldn't be too far from reality. We look inside one of America's legendary hotels found near the heart of Elvis' homeland.

With famous guests such as Oprah Winfrey and Nicholas Cage frequenting the establishment, The Peabody's celebrity status as a grand hotel is second to none. Based in the middle of downtown Memphis and twenty minutes from Graceland itself, this 14-storey institution opened in 1925 after the first ever Peasbody was made open to the public in 1869. History and tradition is everywhere you look, complimented by contemporary design of the hotel's rooms with their high ceilings, modern fittings and the latest technological facilities such as free Wi-fi and flat-screen televisions.

Tourists flock to the lobby of the hotel for the twice-daily Peabody Duck's march (literally involving ducks!) to the lobby's marble fountain - a spectacle not to be missed. Many then find themselves settling into the hotel's French-Asian fusion restaurant 'Chez Philippe' for some tantalising dishes, after having visited the nearby Lansky's clothing outlet, where the legendary 'Jail-house rock' singer himself went for his sartorial needs. The Peabody Memphis, 149 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103 (www.peabodymemphis.com; 001 901 529 4000).

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