The new celebrity destination for 2011.

If, so far, you haven’t heard of Tulum, it’s apparently about to trip off everyone’s tongue as the new celebrity destination for 2011. Hailed as the new Goa, this low-key resort on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, was the choice spot for a number of celebrities to ring and sing in the New Year, reports the Daily Mail.

Had you been in Tulum a few days ago, you would have seen actress Jaime Winstone, singer Natalie Imbruglia and All Saints star Mel Blatt toasting in 2011. Attracted by the stunning beaches, lots of sunshine, the chance to spot cute baby turtles and chill-out yoga on the beach, the resort also offers the rich and famous the chance to escape the crowds of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The legendary ceviche dish at the open-air restaurant at Tital Tulum is also causing quite a stir and providing the chance for a winter al fresco meal with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

For those who want to do more than eat and drink in the sun and chill out on the beach, there’s cave diving, kite surfing and snorkelling to keep you fit and entertained, and you can visit the Mayan ruins and famous Mayan citadel, a temple perched on 40ft cliffs above the Caribbean Sea, which is the resort’s jewel in the crown.

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