The new and improved smart suitcase that is full of surprises and upgrades

People continue to create and become more and more innovating. A Los Angeles based designer and team have come up with a suitcase called the Floatti case that seems to take care of any travelling needs you may have.


Physical Appearance

This is a hard shelled case that comes in red, cream, black and navy. It is made with premium leather and scratch-resistant coated polycarbonate. If you want to make it stand out from the others, you can get it customized with a name or a short message at the top.


Easy to use

Rather than throwing your bag or coat over the top of the suitcase or awkwardly carrying them, there is a designated handbag docking area which has a retractable strap that keeps everything secure making sure nothing falls off when you are rushing around. Your shoulders will thank you.

The Floatti case also makes it possible to roll the suitcase down stairs without any fuss. There is a suspension system in the 360-degree wheels making it easy to push or pull, or roll down steps. So regardless of the terrain, your belongings should be in good hands.

Smart Additions

If you are running low on battery, don’t sweat it. There is a built-in charger for devices and can charge a MacBook 1.5 times or an iPhone up to 7 times. If you lose your luggage, no problem. The suitcase has GPS tracking making it easy to locate it if you lost it or someone has taken it.

By pulling up on the handle a scale appears which tells you the weight of the luggage. This is a great addition as it can save you time and money at check-in. The handle also has touch controls which link to smartphones. By simply swiping certain ways you can make calls, send messages, be in control of your playlist, and even be notified as to when your baggage has arrived.



This product was set up on Kickstarter and already has 402 backers that have helped raise £132,000 with still a month to go. These suitcases come with a 10-year warranty and come in cabin and hand luggage size. On Kickstarter they are costing £173 which seems like a steal of a deal if it as good as it sounds!

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