The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the UK

There are many dangerous places to travel around the world that should be avoided, but what about places closer to home. Where are the dangerous hotspots right here in the UK? Depending on what you are hoping to avoid, here are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods around the UK.

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Those that enjoy having a good night out and consuming a great deal of alcohol along the way most likely will at some point make their way to Blackpool. It is the place to go for hens and stags or just for a fun weekend full of drink. But keep in mind that 1,230 per 100,000 people that drink here need treatment after drinking. That translates to roughly 5 people per day that end up in hospital or needing medical attention due to the high level of alcoholic consumption.


A recent study done by students.com released a report in 2014 looking at the number of recorded crimes against people living in student housing areas. They discovered that Brighton has the highest level of crime with the average rate of 829 incidents per 1,000 residents.


Danger though is most often associated with robbery, drugs and murder. No neighborhood is perfect by any means, but there are quite a few in the city of London that should be avoided. Westminster has one of the highest crime rates in the UK with an average of 1,580 reported crimes per km2. Part of the reason for the high number is attributed to being a high traffic area with tourists and residents.


This is closely followed by the less touristy area of Islington with 1,490 crimes per km2 and Hackney. While Hackney is growing in the right direction in many ways with a farmers market, local cafes popping up and other positive trends, there is still no doubt plenty of crime that is still present in the area.

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