The most beautiful cities to visit in Christmas

If you are looking for places to go this Christmas season, there are no shortages of beautiful destinations. Here are some of the most beautiful cities to visit during this holiday season.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

During December there is always something going on in this bustling city. There is a beautiful light festival that is on display until mid January along with christmas markets spread out around the city. If the canal is frozen, rent a pair of skates and join others in gliding down this picturesque canal.

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Lapland, Finland

This is the perfect christmas destination for children young and old. Here on the arctic circle you can discover Santa Claus’s Village and Park. There are plenty of activities for children such as a tour of Santa’s workshop, a sleigh ride with reindeer and even a post office where you can send off letters to your friends from the North Pole.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna is home to one of the best Christkindlmarkts in the world. There is plenty of mulled wine and chestnuts to enjoy while strolling through the marvellous displays of toys and decorations. Don’t miss out on listening to the Vienna Boys’ Choir if you get a chance.

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New York City, New York

During Christmas time this city lights up. Businesses such as Macy’s and Saks offer top window displays that will leave you in awe. The Spruce Tree in Rockefeller Center is picture perfect with the ice skating rink below. Don’t forget to visit Radio City Music Hall and check out the famous Rockettes in all their glory.

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