The largest buildings in the world

People tend to be amazed by large structures - just consider staring up at the Pyramids of Giza! When considering the time, money and manpower that are put into constructing something large, it is hard not to find yourself in awe. It can be fascinating to learn about the purpose of a structure, and better yet, to visit it and experience it all by yourself if at all possible. Here is a short list of some of the largest buildings from around the world based their usable space.

    Tropical Islands Resort - Wikimedia

The 4th largest building in the world based on the amount of usable space is the Aerium which can be found in Brandenburg in Germany. Originally built as a hanger to construct the giant CL 160 Airship, the Aerium boasts 5.5 million cubic meters of space. The building also is the world’s largest single hall without support pillars propping up the structure. With plans for Airships falling through, the 70,000 square metres of floor area has been transformed into something quite different now. It is currently home to largest indoor waterpark in the word, the artificial tropical resort Tropical Islands.

Next up, at 3rd largest, is the Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant where the assembly and ground test site for Airbus A380 takes place. Home to the largest airliner in the world, Toulouse in France can make for an offbeat destination with tours that explore the 122,500 square metre building with 5.6 million cubic meters of space. A tour lasts for an hour and a half and can cost anywhere between €13 an €23 for adults with all children admitted free of charge.

The second largest building to make the list is the Target Import Warehouse in Washington, USA. Due to large quantities of imports coming from abroad, Target need to use all 185,800 square metres of floor space and 7.43 million cubic metres available here to supply Target stores across the US. From this building, goods are then moved on to regional distribution centers around the States. Target also owns 3 other huge import warehouses located in California, Georgia and Virginia. None though, compare to the sheer size and scale of the Washington building.

Topping the list as the largest building by volume is Boeing’s Everett Plant, which can be found in Everett, Washington. With 398,000 square metres of floor space and measuring 13.3 million cubic meters in volume, this place is absolutely huge. Originally built for the constructing 747s, this building has also seen the assembly of 767s, 777s and 787 Dreamliners. 90 minute tours are available but make sure to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. A note to remember if you are intending on taking a tour, do not bother bringing a camera as you are not allowed to take photos or videos inside the building at any time.

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