The Kempinski Emirates Palace: a seven star hotel with serious bling.

If you’re a self-confessed hotel snob this is for you, and now is the perfect time to visit what is arguably the world’s classiest and most expensive hotel, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi (http://finesthotels.ae/emirates-palace/). It will be hot but not too hot, pricewise the high season finished in February and with the economic downturn and fierce competition between hotels, there are excellent discounts on offer.

Rest assured that if you stay at the Emirates Palace, there’s not much incentive to get up and go. The seven star hotel, or rather palace (the management insists on a rating as a palace not a hotel) cost $3 billion to build, sparing no expense on creating stunning interiors by using expensive marble and gold and Swarovski crystal chandeliers. There’s a huge ballroom for ‘Come Dancing’ fans, beautifully landscaped gardens, a 1.3km strictly private beach of specially-imported white sand, and a private water park.

And if you ever wondered what it’s like to be treated like royalty, now is your chance to find out. The fabulous facilities include on-call butlers and a pillow menu, reports BBC Travel. Or you can be served dinner in your room with chef and waiters to attend to your every need. Standard rooms are available from £201.96 per night, which considering the serious bling, seems quite reasonable. If you’re looking for a majestic experience, this is the place!

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