The Isle of Wight: a lot going on

With ‘staycations’ all the rage this year, walkers and cyclists may like to embrace nature and visit a British gem, The Isle of Wight. It’s a ten minute trip from Portsmouth if you leave your car behind and take the hovercraft www.hovertravel.co.uk (bikes go free).

Over half of the island is designated an area of outstanding natural beauty, and over 50% of the island’s 64-mile coastline is classed as heritage coast, reports The Independent. Perhaps that is why the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson chose to live there for 40 years.

The island has a walking festival in May which is the largest of its kind in Europe, and walkers have a second opportunity to get together this year and join the Autumn Walking Weekend from 22 to 25 October. Cyclists are still in time for the Isle of Wight Cycling Festival from 18-26 of September, which attracted more than 4500 participants last year.

But not all the action is happening on terra firma: Cowes Week, the oldest and largest regatta in the world, takes place next weekend from 16-19 September, raising substantial sums of money for charity.

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