The idyllic Swedish ski-lodge.

If you’re a ski addict who has done the rounds of the French, Italian and Swiss resorts, why not try something different this year? We’ve searched the web and come up with a chic and unusual destination from a list by the Daily Telegraph, which is far from run of the mill.

How about a designer lodge in Åre, Sweden? Åre is Sweden’s leading ski region offering conventional and heli-skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding, and the Copperhill Mountain Lodge (00800 3746 8357; designhotels.com), on picture postcard Mount Förberget, boasts the perfect mix of rustic mountain charm and chill-out Scandinavian design.

Not only does it have the cool, champagne-cocktail-serving Fireside lounge and bar where you can relax after a hard day on the slopes, but it also has a gourmet restaurant, Niesti, where you can taste reindeer suovas, a succulent indigenous Sami smoked-meat dish.

The lodge comes with the obligatory spa with a steamy indoor pool and treatment rooms that might surprise you. Modelled on traditional peaked huts, they are furnished with reindeer hides and you wil be pampered to the sound of ‘jojk’ (Sami music). All in all, a very Scandinavian experience.

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