The Gypsy Bars of Paris

With its upbeat swing of guitars, violin and the occasional clarinet or sax, jazz manouche is the music of Paris's Gypsy periphery that made it to the big time. This year marks the centenary of the birth of legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt and Paris has been paying homage to the inventor of Gypsy jazz.

La Chope des Puces (Espace Django Reinhardt),Paris's temple to Django Reinhardt in Saint-Ouen, is a Sunday-afternoon must for visitors, the bar plays host every weekend to the guitarist Ninine Garcia, head of Paris's premier family of jazz manouchists. Fans share tables or stand at the bar sipping espressos and examining the cases of guitars played by former jazz greats on the walls. laChopeDespuces.

La Chope de Château Rouge sits on the faultline between the cobble-stoned streets of Montmarte and the North African community of Paris's lively north-east corner, this bar/brasserie is a local gem. Large windows open on to a busy street and inside a guitar has been roughly painted on to a mirror that lines one wall. Listening to jazz here is an intimate and very French experience. Musicians sit in the centre of the room, joking with the locals, manouche-lovers and a handful of tourists. Experienced players can bring their instruments and have a boeuf. 40 rue de Clignancourt.

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