One of the greatest views on earth.

A sharp contrast from the bright lights and bling of the American cities, the Grand Canyon must be THE definitive image of the American West, with views that are quite spectacular. And now the Skywalk, a seventy foot, glass bottomed, horseshoe-shaped, innovative structure, has been bolted to its edge to give you a unique perspective of the West’s most famous landmark from on high. Look down, if you dare, to the floor of the canyon 4,000 feet below.

The Skywalk has been built to withstand winds of up to 100mph and the weight of more than 70 Boeing 747 passenger jets and you are given special shoes to step out onto the observation deck. But even so it takes a lot of courage! The jaw-dropping views are worth it though, and just add to the once in a life time experience of visiting the Grand canyon.

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