The Gardens of Cornwall

A holiday in the “garden capital of the world,” Cornwall, is a horticulturist’s dream. It offers greenery styles for everyone, from young kids to jaded historians, in sizes that range from miniature gardens to hectares of orchards and nurseries. Open your eyes to the beauty of nature on your Cornwall holiday.

Plants from all over the globe can be seen at the Eden Project, a group of enormous, domed greenhouses, and the largest of its kind in the world. There are unique biomes within, with each having a distinct climate and the corresponding species. There are loads of activities for the family at Eden. Summer brings a series of concerts where the likes of Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, and the Pet Shop Boys have performed. Spring is the time for the Sexy Green Car Show, where the latest, coolest, and most eco-friendly vehicles are thrust in the limelight. During autumn, visitors with green thumbs can help pot seedlings for next spring. Winter brings the Time of Gifts festival with a Christmas market, choir performances, and lantern parades.

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Outside these encapsulated spaces, more foliage is to be found on a Cornwall holiday. The Lost Gardens of Heligan is a valley of bluebells, bamboo, and banana plantations in an area dating back to the Mediaeval Ages. Named “The Nation's Favourite Garden” by BBC Gardeners' World, there is much to explore in this wonderland filled with impressive ferns, scattered ponds, and a wishing well.

One of the oldest in Cornwall is Enys Garden, dating back to 1709. Rustic and romantic, it houses the Maiden Hair Fern tree and the Peruvian Laurel. Known for rare flora such as the “Lobster Claw,” is the walled Trengwainton Garden, where a stream guides visitors through the tour. Head to the terrace for vistas of Mount's Bay and The Lizard during your Cornwall holiday.

Traversing through a ravine is Trebah Garden, where koi ponds, waterfalls, and a beach come together. Water plants, hydrangeas, and century-old rhododendrons are among its other attractions.

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