The coolest London spots you've never been to...

I thought at first we were going to see some dodgy acquaintance of his for some herbal remedy for his recurring ‘living-stresses-me’ affliction. A regular looking block of flats with the floral pattern curtains to match. But this tiny fifth-floor ex-council flat is like no other in London. You step inside and there it is - A 40-foot aeroplane wing built straight through the house. To get to the bath or to make a cup of green tea artist Steven Tyscko has to scurry under the huge curve of the wing, a huge statement about 9/11 and perhaps a bigger one about the commitment of artists 'living with their work'. The whole thing's for sale – flat, wing and all - but before it goes you can still go visit. Give Steven a call. West London; see for contact details

And from there the whole weekend really took phlight, including a Scooter shop turned into a Café - C. Scooterworks on the Lower Marsh Road, Waterloo. The Wapping Project a mini-Tate that doesn’t want to be found – so in keeping with this uber-cool gallery, I’m not going to tell you how to get there - see if you can manage it yourself, and finally, sublime drinks at The Casita; a garage-sized bar where the future Earl of Norfolkserves a pretty good Mojito!

Now, if your not lucky enough to have mates like me to crash with just off Brick Lane, then I’d recommend you get a room in the cheapo Piccadilly Backpackers for 12 quid a night, or budget allowing, The Rookery just off Smithfield meat market for a touch of the Dickens meets Po gothic. Check out ; +44 (0)20 7336 0931

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