The cheapest cities in Europe to visit

There are many cities in Europe where you can take a cheap holiday to and you may be surprised by the quality of things to do and sample in each one. Here are the top 5 cheapest destinations in Europe to visit on your next break.

    Georges Jansoone - Wikimedia

Bucharest - Romania

You've heard the expression dirt cheap? Well, Bucharest is just that as tourism seems to be seeping into the city very, very slowly meaning that prices are more or less what the locals pay everywhere you go. Some sights to check out while in town include the Romanian Athenaeum, Calea Victoriei, Palatul Poporului(the 2nd largest administrative building in the world behind the Pentagon in the United States), Bran Castle and the Jewish History Museum.

Kiev - Ukraine

Kiev is quite similar to Bucharest in price range but you can see a lot more cultural sights here than in its cheap Romanian counterpart. You must check out the splendid churches scattered around town including St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral and St. Michael's Monastery. The museum of Chernobyl also makes for a great day trip where you can learn all about one of the biggest disasters in world history.

Belgrade - Serbia

Now the list is hotting up as Belgrade combines cheap prices with a party atmosphere and cultural sights. You can see some amazing graffiti all over town and a good way to get around is to take a tram. Kalemegdan park and fortress on the banks of where the Sava and Danube rivers meet is an absolute must to walk around to get a grasp on the history of the area. Then when the sun goes down the locals come out and you can meet and drink with them in hidden bars, kafanas and clubs that go until sun-up.

Istanbul - Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most iconic cities in the world and it is quite cheap to visit and holiday in. Explore temples and street markets as you meander through town and chill out by the Galata Bridge at a trendy cafe or bar. A quick glance at Aya Sofia cathedral or the Blue Mosque will quickly transport you back in time to Constantinople where East officially met West in the heart of Turkey.

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