The best suitcases for travelling

Every traveller needs a good companion with them in the form of a sturdy and durable suitcase. But which type of suitcase is best and warrants you investing your hard earned cash in? Let's take a look at some possible options for you before your next adventure holiday.

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Hard or Soft shell?

This really is up to each individual and depends completely on the type of travel you will be doing. Travellers who just go from point A to point B and unpack will be well served by a soft shell suitcase. If you see yourself taking many forms of transportation where you will be moving your suitcase from bus to plane to boat to train then you will be better off investing in a hard case suitcase rather than a soft case. This will offer your essentials that bit extra in terms of protection from spills and bumps.


Wheels on suitcases have become all the range in recent years and all manner of wheel technology is available depending on your budget. If you are travelling light then traditional rigid wheels will be more than fine. For heavier suitcases however, you would be wise to invest in wheels that can manoeuvre 360 degrees as this will minimise your chances of dragging your heavy personal belongings over some misfortunes foot.

Backpack versus Suitcase

Many travellers find themselves in locations where wheels will simply not work and dragging a suitcase by its' tiny handle will result in you not getting very far without your arm feeling like it is going to slip out of its socket. Fortunately, there are many backpack/suitcase crossovers now whereby you can have a retractable handle and wheels embedded in a backpack but also have a top class strapping system to fall back on when traversing jungle or desert.

Size Matters!

This really is the million dollar question when it comes to purchasing a new suitcase. Ideally, if you are not someone who carries huge amounts of belongings with them everywhere, you should think small. We mean small as in eligible to qualify as a carry-on suitcase. This size gives you the ultimate flexibility in terms of flying with low budget airlines, taking your pack with you on buses and trains in dodgy countries rather than risk having it nicked and it will also mean that you trip will be a lot less stressful without having to lug around the deadweight in your case.

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