The Best of Buenos Aires on a Holiday

Jewish synagogues, Catholic churches, and Muslim mosques sit side-by-side; gays and lesbians are welcomed with open arms; and immigrants from all corners of the globe have settled in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, where a holiday is filled with friendliness, festivity, and fervour.

Buenos Aires, “the favourable winds”, attracts many visitors. Its heart beats in Avenida Corrientes, where libraries, theatres, pizzerias, bars, and cafés line the streets, amid sculptures of dancers doing the tango. This is a favourite hangout for porteños or locals.

Feel the thrill only a football game can bring at Cancha de Boca with 49999 other fans. Here, spectators sit in the candy box-shaped stadium, “La Bombonera.” Museo de la Pasión Boquense is nearby for those who want to know more about the great sport and the history of the place.

Step right into Dante’s inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso in Palacio Barolo, which was built by the poet’s admirers, businessman Luis Barolo and architect Mario Palanti. This national historic monument is a hundred metres tall, with a lighthouse on top. It now houses law offices, and tours are available.

Stroll inside Bosques de Palermo and let the aroma of roses add to the romantic atmosphere. There are more than 12000 rosebushes in El Rosedal, while about the same number of trees fills the rest of the garden, along with two man-made lakes. Go on a boat ride for two, or have a little heart-to-heart on one of the stone benches.

Visit the modern museum Malba where Latin American artists are in the spotlight. Filled with mixed media, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are among those whose works are on display.

On Sundays, Feria de Mataderos is a big hit, with handicraft stalls, art displays, and gaucho (cowboy) exhibitions. There are food sales, tango lessons, and children’s games, too.

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