The Best of British: Bed and Breakfast accommodation goes up-market.

The ever popular B&B is not quite what it used to be; it’s better! No longer a bed in someones’ spare room with shared family bathroom (although this cheap option remains), nowadays we’re talking about some pretty up-market accommodation. We’ve searched the web and come up with the following stylish options from a Daily Telegraph list.

If you’re planning on visiting the Cotswolds, you’ll be thinking of spectacular countryside and pretty villages and the The Malthouse (www.malt-house.co.uk 01386 840295) in Gloucestershire’s Broad Campden, completes the picture. As its name suggests, this impressive house (pictured) was once a malting. Now, its seven double rooms all have en suite bathrooms and garden views. It doesn’t come cheap with prices starting at £135 a night, but it’s definitely a cut above the rest.

For travellers looking for a B&B in Wales, try Y Goeden Eirin, Caernarvon (www.ygoedeneirin.co.uk 01286 830942). Run by two former university lecturers, you’ll find lots of books around the place if you get rained in. Fortunately for guests, the owners just happen to like cooking so apart from ensuring a scrumptious breakfast, dinner is on offer too. The three rooms have Snowdonia mountain views. Prices start at £40 per person a night.

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