The best low cost holiday sites on the web

Travel websites come and go, but the really useful ones tend to stick around. We highlighted some of the best low cost holiday sites on the web, where the deals and special offers can halve the cost of your holiday.

Travelzoo.com is an excellent site for last-minute offers. They find deals on hotels, flights and packages with discounts that can be amazing, especially if you can pack a case at the drop of a hat. Subscribe to the newsletter, and you will also be kept informed of special deals in your area.

Co-operativetravel.co uk is the UK's largest travel agent, and its online booking site offers great package deals. It's particularly good for provincial departures and packages, so, if you are looking to avoid the busy London airports, this is a useful option. Their top 10 holiday offers on the right of the web page provide an at-a-glance guide to some of the best travel deals around.

Sunshine.co.uk offer a lowest price guarantee,. Find the same holiday elsewhere and they will refund the difference plus £5. It's useful for last-minute getaways and beach packages.

The comparison site travelsuperrmarket.com is a great safeguard to ensure you aren't overpaying for your hotel or flight bookings. Simply key in your preferred booking dates and the website will scan a variety of operators to give you an instant comparison of the prices on offer. It's not completely comprehensive, and assiduous surfers might still be able to find better deals, but it's a good starting point.

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