The best Ibiza hotels: from budget to luxury

Budget hotels in IbizaIf you don't plan on spending too much time at your Ibiza hotels, you might want to choose one of these budget-price rooms that are available at less than €50 for a standard twin. Situated just a couple of miles from San Antonio, in the area of Port des Torrent, is the pretty Torrent Bay Club. Replete with pool, outdoor garden, mini golf course and tennis table, you may find you end up spending more time here than you planned.In the town of San Antonio itself, you will find the surprisingly cheap Hostel Adelino. En-suite bedrooms with balconies, an outdoor pool and, best of all, free internet connection make this the ideal place for your clubbing trip.Popular Ibiza hotels

If you plan on spending a little more on accommodation, then either one of these mid-price Ibiza hotels -- available for under €100 -- will be a great option. Ideally located close to the town's harbour is the popular Royal Plaza. The Mediterranean views from the roof-top pool are sure to take your breath away, and if all the clubbing starts taking its toll, you could always visit the onsite spa for a relaxing massage.Alternatively, if the notorious Bora Bora Beach takes your fancy, then the Club Can Bossa is just a few minutes away. Here, if the great bar, poolside restaurant and squash court are not enough, then the handy 'Disco Bus' nearby might just twist your arm.

Luxury Ibiza HotelsHowever, if nothing but the best is good enough for you - well here they are.

Around €350 will get you a twin room for the night in this impressive seafront hotel - The Insotel Fenicia Prestige. If you overdo things in one of their glorious restaurants - offering a range of International, Mediterranean or Asian dishes - then you can always work it off in their magnificent, and free, fitness centre.

Finally, you could go one better and take a twin room at the Aguas de Ibiza (available at around €450). Overlooking the Santa Eulilia Marina and the island of Formentera, this super-luxury hotel is the perfect place to relax, enjoy and, most of all - spoil yourself rotten.For more information on these and other top Ibiza hotels visit Booking.com/Ibiza. 

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