The Best countries to Visit in the World

So you have found the time and you have rounded up enough money for a big holiday but you are still unsure about your destination. All you know for sure is that you would like your trip to be magical and 100% memorable. Lets give you a helping hand and run through some of the best countries in the world to visit.

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For something completely different head to the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan is absolutely steeped in history and there are temples and ancient ruins to check out all over the place. The people are lovely and it is a breeze to get around a country which is serviced by a first class transport system. You can get lost in Kyoto looking for Geishas or experience the bright lights of Tokyo. Mount Fuji also needs to be climbed as well and don't even get us started on the food, it's heavenly!


Brazil deserves every bit of consideration you can give it as the country is nothing short of spectacular. If you had to sum up the country in one word it would have to be diverse. It has everything you can imagine form beautiful beaches to bustling cities to the Amazon Rainforest. Brazil is also one of the lucky few economies that have managed to somehow avoid a recession so conditions are improving all the time for all concerned.

Brazil is also an interesting destination because of their passionate way to live football. In addition, they're organizing this year the 2014 World Cup, where 32 different countries are going to struggle in order to win the competition.


Like Brazil, Australia has escaped any sort of recession and the economy is roaring. What a place to visit too with so many bustling cities to choose from. Sydney is probably most iconic with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge first on many peoples list but don't forget gems like Melbourne, Perth, Cairns and Darwin. Then of course there is the unforgettable Gold Coast with the incredible Great Barrier Reef not to be missed. There are also myriad islands to explore and if you feel like getting away from the sea then head inland to take a step back in time in the Outback.

Still not convinced?

So hopefully those three helped you with your decision one way or another. If you are still not convinced then Tripmondo.com is a great place to look for information on just about any country you can think of. There is unique information about each country available to browse which could be the key to you discovering your big destination.

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