The bare essentials of Palm Springs

Palm Springs is America's sunniest town and the country's naturist capital. But, America is a Christian nation, and 'being nude has often been associated with being lewd,’ Pastor Jeff Bowman believes. He wants to change that attitude. That is why he is to be found completely naked for most of the afternoon at the LivingWatersSpa.

It rains here less than 20 days a year and the climate is hot, so take your clothes off and jump right in. You won't find the old Health and Efficiency clichés of table tennis played by German-looking women with arms the size of Baden-Baden. What you will find are smart chalet-like rooms clustered around the two pools in a former 50s motel (complete with the original neon sign) and stunning mountain views. Tranquil music is played through discreet loudspeakers, making it very much a relaxing spa experience; indeed, Jeff and Judy, the naked owners, are both trained masseurs. According to Judy, the idea is to lull guests into a state of ‘blissful boredom.’

BA flies from Heathrow to LA (100 miles from Palm Springs) from £389, BA.

Sunscreen for ‘sensitive areas’ is recommended.

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