The A to Z of alternative breaks

In Antwerp posh frocks with a twist from the Antwerp Six, who include Ann Demeulemeester and Dries van Noten, have put this Belgian city on the fashion map. But the local haute couture isn't the only draw here for the fashionista. The ModeNatie building is home to the Flanders Fashion Institute modenatie.com and new fashion museum Momu momu.be .

Grab a snooze at the stylish B&B Slapen Enzo, slapenenzo.be; you’ll need the rest if you want to last the night and next morning at the Dead Celebrity Ball at the Magiq Speigeltent.

At the other end of the alphabet is Zurich which if you think is a boring city full of bankers then you’re wrong. This is the city where the founders of the Dada Movement got down and seriously funky. To get the inside line on the latest counter-culture check out the Guide Experience Switzerland then head for up-and-coming Seefeld district for dinner at Nine nine.biz.

Air Berlin will take you there from both Stansted and Manchester.

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