The cruise market goes from strength to strength.

The cruise market has burgeoned over the last few years and is the fastest growing area in the travel industry. From cold water adventure cruises to educational theme cruises, there’s something available for everyone. All you have to do is make sure you don’t miss the boat, get on board, lie back on deck, cocktail in hand, and be pampered, fed and entertained whilst being ferried to your multiple destinations.

And there are cruises to suit all budgets too. There are some great deals around for Mediterranean sails, while you can splurge on a Caribbean cruise or sail up to see the Northern Lights if you fancy a once in a lifetime experience.

Because booking a cruise is more complex than reserving a flight, a high number of passengers book their voyage through a travel agent or by phone. But a new website, www.bonvoyage.co.uk, claims to be the first to offer online booking for every cruise on the site, promising the same level of information and choice as you would get at a travel agency, reports the Daily Mail.

The site has started with Cunard and P&O Cruises only, but all the major lines will be featured on the website in the near future. Use the search engine to choose the area of the world, month, cruise line and duration of your cruise. Once selected, you can see the itinerary plotted on a Google map and listed by port dates.

There are also videos of some ports, photos and layouts of cabins and interactive deck plans of the ship and lots of detail on cabin types. Booking is easy and you can sometimes select a specific cabin and see its position on board.

This is a great tool for experienced cruisers, but if you haven’t got your sea legs yet, you may still prefer to go to a knowledgeable agent, who can give you some 'human' input.

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