That time of the year again? Munich’s Oktoberfest kicks off this weekend.

One of the world’s most famous drinking festivals, the Oktoberfest, kicked off yesterday in Munich. The booze will be flowing for another two weeks, should you get a sudden urge to join the expected 6 million guzzlers!

The festival dates back to October 1810 when a celebration was organized in honour of the marriage of crown prince Ludwig. The tradition remained and became a yearly event which now attracts millions who come to visit the ‘Bierzelte’ (beer tents) and fairground attractions.

Fourteen beer tents are erected in the Theresienwiese Park close to the city centre and entry is free, although a beer will set you back around €9. That said, it’s served in a tall litre glass and is rather potent, so it should keep you going for a while, in theory at least. Try to reserve a place in advance on the official website, www.muenchen.de. Brass bands play drinking songs in each tent to get you in the mood.

Celebrity spotters might like to hang around the Hippodrom tent, where the likes of Boris Becker down a pint or two, while tourists congregate in the Hofbräu tent, and families in the Augustiner Festhalle. The largest tent is the 10,000-seater Schottenhamel, where the first beer of the season is poured to cheering from the crowd, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Soak up the booze with the hearty Bavarian food on offer, such as Weisswurst (white sausage), Obatzda (spiced creamy cheese) and Haxn (pork knuckle) and cabbage. Prost! (cheers)

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