That age-old British institution, ‘Bed and Breakfast’ is moving with the times.

If your memories of bed and breakfast are staying in someone’s spare room, sharing a bathroom and squeezing round a table in the morning for your bacon and eggs, think again. Not only have expectations changed, but so has legislation, according to ‘VisitEngland’s' Jeremy Brinkworth, resulting in raised standards. People are much better travelled, and have experienced the best of what is offered both at home and abroad and expect the same facilities.

Nowadays many Bed & Breakfast rooms come with en-suite bathrooms stocked with smart towels and toiletries for pampering, flat-screen televisions, and bottled water, reports the Daily Telegraph. And the latest trend takes the ‘Breakfast’ out of B&B, giving guests a cheaper option. Alternatively, guests are provided with a DIY breakfast that they can put together at their leisure. This may not please everyone but it appeals to the younger market. Twenty-somethings prefer to stay in bed a little longer and do their own thing rather than join total strangers for breakfast.

But if you like a little company and still relish those hearty breakfasts, why not try farmhouse B & Bs, which offer excellent local food, and where owners are used to people being around. After all, staying at a B & B rather than a hotel is not only about saving money. It’s also about feeling at home, getting local advice and putting down temporary roots.

Bed and breakfast accommodation may be going more up market, but it’s still a national treasure! Visit the following websites for more information: VisitEngland (www.enjoyengland.com); Alastair Sawday’s Special Places to Stay (www.sawdays.co.uk); Trailblazer Guides (www.trailblazer-guides.com)

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