Thailand safer for tourists than Europe and the US?

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Amongst fears of travelling to Thailand due to the unstable context of social unrest, tourists are now warned that travelling to any destination in Europe and US is in fact more dangerous than the Southeast Asian kingdom.

Tourism boss William Heinecke called in an open letter to downgrade the alarming warnings against travelling to Thailand. The CEO of Minor International, one of the largest tourism agency of Thailand, warned that by depriving the country of the much needed financial resources brought upon by tourism may affect livelihoods of thousands of families.

In his open letter, printed on The Nation on Sunday, Mr Heinecke also explained how unrest is anyway limited to certain areas of Bangkok, while the rest of the city, according to him, remains absolutely safe. Safer, indeed, of most European and North American metropolis, where you are more likely to get harmed than in any Thai location, where people are “are extremely welcoming of tourists”.

Mr Heinecke added: “Tourists have never been a target in the protests and to this end all airports in Thailand remain fully operational and hotels and tourist attractions across the Kingdom continue to welcome guests as usual.”

Doubts remain though as violence in the capital escalated during the weekend leaving five dead people on the streets, three of which were unfortunately children.

On Saturday, a shooting in Trat province left dozens wounded and one dead. In the region, about 180 miles east of Bangkok, protesters were demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in rally in an outdoor dining area. The victim, a five-year-old girl, is understood to have been shot dead by gunmen while standing near her father’s food stall.

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Yesterday, a grenade attack near Bangkok's Central World shopping mall injuried 21 people and killed a mother and her two children, a boy of 4 and a girl of 6, who, again, were not taking part in the protests.

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