What is Thailand like in February?

Thailand is an ever-popular holiday destination for Britons. It's a very diverse country with lots to see and do, from the bustling streets of Bangkok to the walled city of Chiang Mai and the famous white sand beaches framing the coast. There are also many events happening throughout the year. Here is a look at what’s on in Thailand in February.

When it comes to events and festivals, Thailand is quieter in February than it is in many other months, but there are still plenty of things worth going to see.

Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand, and February sees the flower festival light up its parks and green spaces. Chiang Mai comes alive with beautiful flowers and festivities - almost like cherry blossom time in Japan. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the flower parade that passes right through the city centre, with its vividly decorated floats and dancers. Later in the evening the flower festival queen is selected. The festival is just one great reason to visit Chiang Mai at this time of year.

February also sees Makha Bucha day (which may also fall at the start of March). 2013 sees it on the 25th February. It is a Buddhist holiday that commemorates two events that happened during the Buddha’s lifetime. The first event was when 1,250 monks gathered to be ordained by Buddha and the second event was Buddha giving a sermon not long before he died. Different places in Thailand celebrate it in different ways; many regions have huge crowds of people lighting candles.

Although Thailand in February sees less events than other times of the year, there is still lots going on - plus Thailand is a great country to visit whatever the season. It has lots to offer and whether you are looking for a romantic break, family holiday or a fun long weekend, no doubt you'll be ble to find it in Thailand.

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