TGV in France

Making TGV Bookings

Booking travel on the TGV is a relatively straight forward process, whether you are located within France or elsewhere.

Visit TGV.co.uk to find the United Kingdom's online presence for this French high speed rail operator. TGV-Europe.com is home to TGV bookings in France and the rest of Europe.

Journey Planner

Enter your journey details into the matrix provided on the TGV website that is most relevant to you.

Choose your origin and destination train stations, number and category of passengers, the dates and whether you need a single or return.

Continue through the booking process to select the train that suits your needs before making a payment using a debit or credit card.

You should note that you can arrange to have your tickets delivered to a fixed address or collect them in person from the counter service at any major French train station — you can collect your tickets at any station that is a TGV stop.

Advanced Tickets

TGV passengers in France can take advantage of special rail passes, which enable you to make more than one journey using the TGV train.

Visit TGV.co.uk to find details on rail passes and SNCF tickets, which allow you to make major savings on TGV travel in France.

Journey Times

UK travellers on the TGV should note that the train from Calais — one of the most popular ports for ferries from the UK — takes just over an hour.

Journeys from the French capital to Bordeaux, for example, take three hours while a trip from Paris to Monaco lasts just over six hours.

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