Terror Holidays in the UK

While relaxing on the beach with a cold refreshing pint or cocktail may sound ideal for some holiday seekers, this is not for everyone. If you would rather have a holiday that sends chills down your spine, then these terror holidays are for you.


Haunted Houses

There are numerous haunted houses throughout the UK to explore, but if you want a truly unique experience, head to Saltmarshe Hall. Certain times throughout the year they host ghost hunting nights that take you through the haunted East Yorkshire home, guiding you through the rooms and the underground corridors and cellars. If you feel up for it, they even allow guests to stay the night in the haunted rooms.


Another Haunted House option is the Jamaica Inn in Cornwall. It was made infamous by the 1936 Daphne du Maurier novel, Jamaica Inn, which Hitchcock then made into a film, Jamaica Inn. This 18th century Inn is closely associated with smuggling and holds many smuggling artifacts in “The Museum of Smuggling”.



For outdoor lovers, book a stay at Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Lancashire. This experience is filled with live scareactors, interactive games and activities, a campfire and screening of horror films, and much more. This is only for those 18 and older and is not for everyone.


UFO sighting

For a different type of holiday, visit seaside town of Scarborough in Yorkshire. UFO watchers have repeatedly seen UFO sightings in nearby fields and over the North Sea. There were so many sightings in this town that it was name the UFO capital of Britain. There is also an annual Flying Saucers Have Landed conference which includes a fireworks display called ‘Starfire’, which facilitators say should be visible from space.


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