USA coach tours with Terra Travel

Terra Travel

We have specially selected some of the highlights of Terra Travel's collection of coach tours to the USA, according to the quality of the itineraries and the value for money:

California and the Golden West: only £1,875 per person

Visit the unforgettable (and polar opposite!) cities of San Francisco and Las Vegas. Also take in the outstanding beauty of the Grand Canyon, and check out San Diego, Yosemite and Anaheim.

Route 66: just £2,095 per person

Travel along one of the most famous roads in the world, making stops at Chicago, St. Louis and Long Beach, and getting a chance to see the iconic Grand Canyon.

New England Highlights: from £1,695 per person

Spend some time in New York and Boston, and take a trip to the White Mountains.

Awe Inspiring National Parks: a bargain at £1,995 per person

Visit some of the most naturally beautiful locations in America, and some of its defining cultural centres. The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park would be the highlights of any tour alone, but include Denver, Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Salt Lake City and more, and you have a really special holiday experience.

All of the coach tours mentioned above include free transfer flights from Belfast City Airport to London Heathrow Airport as well as flights to the USA, and Terra Travel also offer a free luxury taxi service to take you from your home to Belfast City Airport and back again on your return journey.

To get more information about any of these offers, or to make a booking with Terra Travel, check out the website at terratravel.co.uk.

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