Tents to rent in and around Spain

Tents to rent in Spain

There are a range of campsites where you can rent tents in and around Spain. In the summer months Spain can be a welcomed getaway for couples and families alike, team this with a camping holiday where you have the freedom and flexibility to do what you like, when you like. Most camp sites offer all the facilities and amenities you could ask for, including swimming pools and leisure complexes for all the family to enjoy.

You might decide to book through Euro camp camping, for your next key camp holiday in Spain, Here you can rent luxurious canvas tents or mobile homes which are well-equipped with up to four bedrooms that sleep up to eight people, electric lighting and even your own kitchen with a fridge, and cooker. All you have to do is log on and pick your favourite site - which could prove difficult with such a huge selection of campsite readily available.

How about booking your next camping holiday to Catalonia in Spain, you could be situated on a hillside with superb views across the bay. This park is an ideal base for families with teenagers, with a range of amenities to suit everyone including an onsite swimming pool, bar with its own sun-terrace and a variety of evening entertainment, to provide enjoyment to your whole family! You could hire your own supertent from a range of prices dependent on when you choose to go on holiday, if you were to book a break in July you could rent this amazing tent from £840 a week, but if you can wait that little longer, you could rent this tent at the end of August from £518 for the week.

If you know where you want to be in Spain there are a variety of websites offering specific tent hire in those areas. You may decide to book your next holiday in the beautiful Costa Brava, if so you book your hire through Costa Brava tent holidays. They provide tent accommodation in a quiet and private area, sleeping up to six people and include all the facilities you could require from a week holiday for a total price of €620 for the family, between July and August.

If you want an unforgettable holiday book your camping holiday in Spain now – with a range of offers online you could book your perfect break at an affordable price!

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