Are you looking for tents for hire in Spain?

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Are you looking for tents for hire in Spain? Here's all the information you need.

Whether you’re a family looking for the freedom of a camping holiday or a group going to a festival, there are a huge range of places in Spain where you can rent tents. Why bother lugging all your camping equipment abroad with you, when you can rent tents and equipment cheaply and easily?

Your first stop on your search should be tentholidays.com, who have no less then 12 different collection points throughout Spain. They offer you a choice of over 250 fully equipped luxury bungalow tents and mobile homes. A kingsize 5 people tent 31 square metre rents for €24.50 per night. That’s an amazing €4.90 per person per night! Booking with tentholidays.com carries a deposit of 15% and an optional cancellation fee of 5.5%.

If you decide you want to rent your tent or mobile home with your camp site, then there are an endless amount of routes for you to take. Tentholidays.com also offer you accommodation in various parts of the country. You should also check out Euro Camp Camping who have a range of 13 fantastic camping parks spread out all over the country. You can also choose the type of accommodation you wish to rent and if you would prefer a site suitable for children, teenagers, families, groups or couples. They also offer some amazing off site activities such as canoeing, scuba diving, carting, spa and many, many more. For more information or to book check out eurocamp.co.uk.

So there’s everything you need to know about renting a tent in Spain. Book yours now and enjoy your camping holiday or festival at a price to suit your budget!

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