Tenting in France: What Are Your Options?

France continues to be the world’s top tourist destination. It is best known for its exquisite cuisine, historic attractions, and, of course, who can forget the City of Lights – which others also consider as the City of Love. If you want to see a different side of the country, however, consider tenting in France and taking in its scenic natural surroundings.

Choose the Right Website

A lot of websites online describe themselves as the best sources for camping holidays in France. When you visit their homepages, however, all you get is a long and tediously written guide about camping in France, but without any actual holiday packages that you might consider booking.

If you want to book your camping holiday right away, consider visiting sites like Leisure Direction and Le Camp.


The nice thing about this site is their Camping Deal of the Week. As for their camping holidays in France, they offer a wide range of campsites for you to choose from. One of these is Le Vieux Port, where you only have to pay a weekly rate for as low as £175 per tent.

This lakeside resort is one of the largest in Aquitaine, the hometown of Queen Eleanor, and boasts of its own water park as well.


Tenting in France will never get more private or glamorous than your stay in Le Camp, which is located some distance away from Toulouse. Its tents are strategically located to provide every guest with enough privacy and room to wander on their own. For accommodations, you can choose between beautifully and elegantly furnished big tents, woodland yurts and the Giant Yurt for large camping groups. Rates start at £20.

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