Tenting Holidays: Go Traditional or Go Glam?

There are basically two types of tenting holidays that you can enjoy: luxury camping, which others refer to as 'glamping', and basic or tradition tent camping. Which one is the better option will depend mostly on your preferences as well as your level of camping skills and experience.

Traditional Camping

This basically involves pitching a tent on the ground and sleeping in it. This may be done in the wilderness or a natural reserve, a modern campsite or camping ground, and in parks. At reserveamerica.com, the website allows you to choose between different types of camping spots, which include those that offer primitive or tent camping sites, hook-up sites for RVs, those with in-site cabins or lodges and those that offer boating services or horseback riding trails.

Traditional tent camping is ideal if you are used to or at least prepared to sleep without the usual modern amenities like a private toilet and shower room, electricity, and heating and air-conditioning.

Luxury Camping

Gocampinguk.co.uk is one of the ideal sites to visit if you are looking for a glamping holiday. The term ‘glamping’ is basically the shortened version of glam camping. This type of camping holidays allows you to have your own little mansion in the middle of the wilds. You also get to choose from a wide range of camping accommodations like safari lodges, bell tents, tipis, yurts and a lot more.

With glam tenting holidays, you get to enjoy multi-bedroom tents that come fully equipped and furnished with beds, electricity, camping cooking equipment and lighting.

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