Finding Cheap Tenerife Main Flights

By far the largest and most populous island of the Canary Islands archipelago, there are two main airports which are connected by regular flights to various cities in the UK. The Tenerife main flights arrive and depart from Reina Sofia Airport, also known as Tenerife South or Los Rodeos Airport, also known as Tenerife North.

The best way to find the latest deals on Tenerife main flights is to look at one of the many flight comparison websites including skyscanner.net and opodo.com. These sites generally provide up-to-date information on all flight connections available.

Most of the Tenerife main flights are carried out by Ryanair or Fly Thomas Cook. There are other routes operated by Monarch and Jet2. Tenerife is somewhat further away than most other European destinations, so prices tend to be relatively high, starting at around £40 excluding optional fees for a one-way trip. During the summer months, prices tend to be considerably more. Ryanair offers flight prices from £64 during September for a one-way trip.

Since Ryanair, as any other budget airline, operates exclusively on a supply and demand basis, their prices change by the hour and the best way to get a good deal is to be as flexible as possible.

Another alternative is to book through Thomas Cook, especially as part of a package holiday. An all-inclusive package holiday is often a cost-effective solution in which the price you pay includes all accommodation and flights and, sometimes, food. Thomas Cook organizes many flights and package holidays to Tenerife throughout the year.

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