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Life is a beach in the eternal summertime of the Canary Islands! Many travellers who visit this island paradise admit that there is value and merit in doing absolutely nothing. This is something of a mandatory custom for anyone visiting the largest of the Canary Islands: Tenerife. Here you will quickly find out the therapeutic merits of total relaxation!

Give yourself the tranquil break you deserve by staying at one of the top-class Tenerife holiday apartments. Lodging in a fully-equipped and comfortable apartment means you will experience luxury and practicality from the moment you step off the plane. Treat yourself to days of doing nothing other than casually strolling around and exploring the many exotic and clean beaches of Tenerife. Sunbathing and swimming is on the cards all year-round, with daytime temperatures ranging from twenty to thirty degrees.

This island has a fantastic mix of bountiful white sand beaches, mostly in the south, as well as wild and volcanic black-sand beaches. Most of the white sand was brought to the island to create man-made beaches, and the black-sand at places like Playa de Punta Brava, comes from the island's volcanic past. Some of the beaches are cradled in-between cliffs, and offer a suburb array of nature, while others have every kind of holidaying luxury available to humankind!

You will discover the advantages of both during your stay. So start out fresh from your luxury apartment each day, and choose which style of holidaying you prefer!

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