Experience Travel Heaven in Tenerife Apartments

If you are searching for an island paradise bursting with sophisticated Spanish culture, look no further than Tenerife. The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is perfect for those travellers looking for a memorable experience. You won't want to dampen the excitement of arriving in a place as delightful as the Canary Islands, so make sure your accommodation is worthy of the fantastic surroundings.

Tenerife apartments are a recommended option for savvy holiday makers who know how to make their free time count. With your own private nest sorted, the treasure trove island is your oyster to explore. Here we have compiled a list of some 'must do' attractions on the island of Tenerife:

  • A trek up the Teide Tenerife Volcano, the highest point in Spain, is highly recommended as the views from the top are second to none. The island's name is also derived from ancient stories about the volcano.
  • The island is well known for its abundance of wildlife, and dolphin and whale watching near Adeje will give you a taste of this. There are daily tours for three to five hours, and guides to tell you stories about the island.
  • Visit one of the smaller islands situated near Tenerife, and imagine that you are an early Spanish mariner arriving for the first time.

Spend an entire day doing nothing at one of the island's picture perfect beaches. Staying in an apartment gives you the freedom to make the most of your valuable holiday time. So look into the best of Tenerife apartments today!

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