Rent a Tenerife apartment and explore the black beaches

Renting a Tenerife apartment gives you the ideal base from which to explore the most popular destination in the Canary Islands. Those who come looking for an idyllic beach holiday though may find it off-putting to be confronted by the island's black beaches. Closer investigation reveals that the sand is coloured by volcanic debris.

Building black sandcastles

If your Tenerife apartment is situated on the north or west coast, it will be difficult to avoid the black beaches. Playa De La Arena, a little to the south of Puerto Santiago, is the ideal location to get used to the darker Tenerife sands. It is a Blue Flag beach, suitable for swimmers and sunbathers alike, with plenty of bars and restaurants.

Nearby there are small beaches at Los Gigantes and Puerto Santiago that aren't so well-equipped with amenities, but can be quieter. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular on this stretch of coast.

Playa San Marcos, on the north coast, west of Puerto De La Cruz, is one of the most attractive beaches on the island. Not too developed, it is popular with families. The nearby village of Icod De Los Vinos, as the name suggests, is famous for its wines.

For some visitors the coarser grain of the black volcanic sand and its somewhat dirty appearance are a big turn-off. With these visitors in mind, the Tenerife authorities have created several golden sand beaches. The sand has been reclaimed from the seabed or shipped from the Sahara. Playa Jardin in Puerto De La Cruz and Playa De Las Teresitas on the north-eastern tip of the island are the most popular golden beaches.

Embrace the blackness

If your Tenerife apartment overlooks a black sand beach, don't be disappointed. The sand is made up of minerals such as magnetite, plagioclase, pyroxene and olivine which are no more inherently dirty than white sand. The one negative consideration is that black beaches tend to get hotter than white sand. It can sometimes be sensible to limit beach time to early in the day.

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