Teletext late deals for holidays

It is a known fact that some of the best deals you can find for a holiday are late deals and Teletext holidays have always had some of the best. Here we will show you the best teletext late deals on the market today. Here I will show you some late deals that are out there that you might not have originally thought of going on.

The first deal from teletextholidays.co.uk is a seven night Nile cruise. On day one of the cruise you will arrive at the Luxor cruise ship and embark on your journey, leaving the West Bank and travelling to the Ancient Theban Necropolis. You will also visit the lyrical temples of Philae, rising from the waters of the Nile. During the afternoon, sailing around in the traditional saling boat Felucca. During all this you will have a couple of days to spend at you leisure so it will not all be regimented. With this deal there is also the option of a free upgrade to the middle or upper deck. This wonderful cruise will set you back £289 per person for a one week cruise.

Another slightly less expensive teletext late deals is a family holiday to Malta, the staying at the Sunny Coast Resort Hotel in Qawra. Perfect for the kids this resort has plenty of amenities to keep them entertained as well as being close to the beach and includes a full a la carte restaurant. For a four night stay for two adults and two children it will cost you a reasonable £823.

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