Looking for teletext holidays Turkey?

Turkey is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations to go on holiday. You can experience a number of different types of holiday when visiting Turkey. In recent years it has fast become a popular place to visit for city breaks so if you are looking for just a short break then Turkey could be what your after.

With it's fantastic climate, Turkey is always a popular choice during the summer months and with it's majestic beaches, it is the place to be for a relaxing sun holiday.

Turkey also has a huge amount of culture and if that is what you are after then a trip to the palaces and mosques of Istanbul or the ruins of Ephesus right up your street.

Teletextholidays.co.uk offer great deals for Turkey and the first one is a the Sun Maris Hotel which is seven nights all inclusive and costs £73 per person. The hotel is located 200 metres from the centre of town and 100 metres from the beach.

The second offer from teletextholidays.co.uk is for the Pineta Club Hotel which is seven nights all inclusive and will cost you £197 per person. This hotel is suitable for families as it has a childrens pool, standard pool and a childrens club.

The third offer is for the Aegean Park Hotel which is also seven nights all inclusive at a price of £207 per person. This hotel is located 600 metres from the centre of town.

Teletext holidays turkey are the key to discovering this compelling country that is so dramatically influenced by both the East and West.

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