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If you are planning on taking a summer break this year then why not check out Teletext for bargain holidays? This year, millions of UK citizens will pack their bags and jet off into the sun for a well-deserved break. Teletext has hundreds of cheap bargain holidays. Whether you want to stay in the UK, take a package holiday to the sun or take a Caribbean cruise, Teletext have bargain holidays to suit your budget!

You can currently get an excellent deal on a package holidays to Ibiza. San Antonio swarms with thousands of young ravers every year who go to party and enjoy the world's biggest DJs playing every night of the week in some of the most famous clubs in the world. On the other side, you have Ibiza town which is old and reserved and feels like its a million miles away from the nightlife of San Antonio.

They currently have a range of packages on special offer. Flights must be taken from Manchester, London or Birmingham. You then pick your hotel from the following. Prices include flights, transfers and hotel.

  • 3 star Monterrey Aparthotel for £169 per person
  • 3 star Tropicana Studios for £175 per person
  • 3 star Marco Polo 2 for £195 per person
  • 4 star Piscis Park for £269 per person
  • 4 star Invisa Hotel La Cala for £390 per person
  • 5 star Sirenis Club Siesta Hotel for £499 per person

There is a large range of other hotels available. For more information about this special offer, simply log onto teletextholidays.co.uk

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