Great Tel Tex Holidays Options

Teletext is a travel agent or tour operator that provides customers with a diverse catalogue of options to spend holidays. Within their catalogue you may find cruise ship deals, family trips, all inclusive holidays, among other deals. Tel tex holidays offers special deals each day through its website, so you always have to keep an eye on these specials in order to find the cheapest prices. Here are some of best options for Tel tex holidays for 2011.

School Summer Break – Blue Dolphin

If you are planning on spending a family holiday for the school summer break, this is a good option. Blue Dolphin is a Holiday Park located in North Yorkshire. Blue Dolphin features great water facilities such as a heated indoor pool, water walkers (huge globes that float in the water), Aqua Gliders (inflatable mini jet skis for children), among other inflatable attractions. While children have fun with these activities, parents can relax in the indoor pool or having a drink in one of the park’s restaurants. Teletext offers a family three night package for £343.

Western Mediterranean

Teletext’s website offers access to a great cruise ship deal: 7 night travel around the Mediterranean for only £689. This cruise ship is offered directly in the dcruiseshop.com website. The itinerary includes stops in Barcelona, Las Palmas, Napoli, Rome and Nice. You will get the chance to do some tourism in these cities as well as relaxing at their bays. The date of departure for this cruiser is on September 11th.


If you are not planning on traveling long distances, Essex could be a great choice. Teletext offers a 4 day/3 night package in Warden Spring, a relaxing resort in Essex’s shores. You can travel on your own for a base price of £99. There are several activities you can do whether it is in the resort with sports and water activities or whether it is outdoors, visiting some of the city’s attractions.

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